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Mailing List

AMCS maintains a mailing list which is open for everyone to join. It is dedicated to:

  • Announcements of events related to Mathematical Consciousness Science (MCS).
  • Announcements of requests for grant proposals related to MCS.
  • Announcements of open positions and of special opportunities to publicize your research.

We will also announce AMCS projects that are of general interest. Please note that the mailing list is not available for announcements of individual publications.

How to join

  1. In order to join the mailing list, send an empty email to,
  2. Once the empty email has been sent you will receive an email to validate your email address by clicking on a button in the email. If the validation email does not arrive, or the button in the email does not appear, then please contact

Please note that the AMCS mailing list is separate from our online seminar series announcement lists. Join the online seminar series instead.

How to post

You are invited to post announcements that are related to Mathematical Consciousness Science. In order to do so, join the mailing list and subsequently direct your announcement to Please note that announcements are being moderated.


In order to unsubscribe, send an empty email to,