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The AMCS community welcomes those whose work relates to mathematical topics in consciousness studies to join its ranks!

Membership Statutes

The AMCS is a community of researchers who share a passion and devotion to the scientific exploration of consciousness. It strives, above all, to advocate scientific quality, honesty and integrity and a cooperative, respectful and open-minded atmosphere. There is more than one type of membership of the AMCS.

Associated Membership

Researchers of any discipline who have a degree in a science or philosophy related subject and whose work or interest relates to Mathematical Consciousness Science are warmly invited to apply to become an Associated Member of AMCS.

While unable to take a vote in governance matters of AMCS, Associated Members are an integral and otherwise full part of the AMCS. They are warmly invited to engage with the AMCS board and members, to take part in AMCS events and may, if they wish, take an active role in AMCS projects.


Once someone has been an Associated Member for a year, there is the possibility of becoming a full member. Full members are also called Affiliated Members, because they may use AMCS as affiliation in publications. Furthermore, they can participate in the governance of AMCS and have a voting right.

To help ensure high scientific and organizational standards, the number of Affiliated Members (full members) will not normally exceed 33% of the total number of all Associated and Affiliated Members.

Decisions to admit Associated Members as Affiliated Members are made by the highest organ of the AMCS, the general assembly. The general assembly normally takes place once a year and all Affiliated Members are invited to join. A majority of those present at a general assembly is needed to vote in favour of an application for a person to become an Affiliated Member (full member).

No Annual Membership Fees until 2025

From January 2021 to January 2025 Associated and Affiliated Members will not need to pay any annual membership fee. This is to allow time for the AMCS to become fully established and useful to those involved. However, the general assembly will vote on setting annual fees for 2025 onward. Fees will in any event be set to be easily affordable to avoid being a barrier. Memberships can of course be cancelled at any time.

Application Form

If you would like to apply for Associated Membership, please fill out and submit our application form. Your application will be reviewed by the board and if successful, you will be notified by email of your acceptance.