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Welcome to the AMCS!

The Association for Mathematical Consciousness Science (AMCS) is an international association of scientists and philosophers devoted to mathematical topics in the scientific study of consciousness. It aims to further the development of mathematical approaches in the scientific study of consciousness, henceforth referred to as Mathematical Consciousness Science (MCS).

The association came about due to an expectation, among a growing number of researchers internationally, that mathematical models and approaches will likely play a significant role in humankind’s scientific understanding of consciousness. The association was also deemed needed in order to bring together a growing number of conferences, workshops, online seminar series, and journal special issues. Whilst AMCS sees mathematical approaches as having great potential to achieve new breakthroughs, AMCS also views mathematical approaches as complementary and supportive of non-mathematical approaches to the scientific study of consciousness and aims to help bridge existing gaps.

The association’s goals are:

  1. To connect researchers whose work relates to MCS, in order to facilitate joint work, exchange of ideas and debates among members in a cooperative and respectful, rather than competitive, atmosphere.
  2. To encourage and support open-minded, unprejudiced, and non-dogmatic research on MCS while ensuring and advocating scientific quality, honesty and integrity.
  3. To offer guidance to the emerging field of MCS through coordinating a discussion of a shared sense of its purpose and its long-term goals, as well as through helping to avoid and resolve personal conflicts within its community of researchers.
  4. To facilitate the communication of the field’s goals, activities, scientific knowledge and progress to its own community, other scientific disciplines and the general public, to increase the field’s visibility generally speaking, to instantiate mutual education of members and of young scientists who are interested in MCS and to help in particular students to connect with researchers working in MCS.
  5. To raise funds for the above-mentioned causes, as well as for directly financing research on MCS, and to work collaboratively with those around the world who strive to set up research centres and initiatives devoted to MCS.

Download the constitution dated 8th January 2021.


Stanford conference in planning

The successors of our Oxford conference, Models of Consciousness, are in planning. MoC2 will be a virtual online conference in September 2021. MoC3 will be an in-person conference at the Alumni Center of Stanford University in summer 2022. There will be some activities spanning the two events.