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Models of Consciousness 2021

27-30 September 2021

Conference Details

A conference on mathematical approaches in the scientific study of consciousness.

The scientific study of consciousness is a young and thriving field, encompassing empirical and theoretical research across multiple disciplines. This online conference aims to bring together researchers whose scientific activity specifically relates to mathematical approaches in the scientific study of consciousness and follows the first Models of Consciousness conference held at the University of Oxford in 2019.

This virtual conference is connected to an in-person conference to be held at Stanford in summer 2022; see here. Participants and attendees may attend one or both conferences and the application process will be handled separately for each. The connection between the online conference and the in-person conference is made by a number of activities that will span the two events. Here follows the details for the online conference to be held 27-30 September 2021.

This online conference involves invited speakers, contributed talks and discussion sessions. Each day will run at a time suitable for participants from both Europe and the US. AMCS is delighted to be able to waive participation fees for this online conference due to the support of the conference’s supporting institutions.

Date and time

The conference takes place from Monday, September 27 to Thursday, September 30, with two sessions per day, interrupted by a 1 hour break. Translate to your time zone: Session 1, Session 2.

Sept 27-30UKGermanyNew YorkStanford
Session 13pm – 5pm4pm – 6pm10am – 12noon7am – 9am
Session 26pm – 8pm7pm – 9pm1pm – 3pm10am – 12noon
Session times, Models of Consciousness 2021

In organizing this conference, we aspire to create an open-minded, non-dogmatic and respectful atmosphere in which participants can meet and discuss. To make this happen, we will employ state-of-the-art online conferencing technology available free of charge for conference participants.

Invited speakers

David ChalmersConsciousness and the collapse of the wave function
Shimon EdelmanAutodiagnosis and the dynamical emergence theory of basic consciousness
Karl FristonDeep inference
Eva JablonkaConsciousness as we know it: a view from biology
Gualtiero PiccininiQualitativism: consciousness consists of physical qualities
Susanne StillThermodynamics of real world observers

Contributed talks

Participants are invited to apply to present their research in a 15-minute talk with a further 5-minutes for questions. See our applications page. Talks presenting research where ideas have been translated into the mathematical domain, particularly when there are theoretical or empirical results to be shared, will have priority.

Deadline for talk submissions: Friday, 13th August 2021.

Discussion sessions

An integral part of the conference are discussion sessions in small groups, which give speakers and participants a chance to discuss and are intended to help develop a shared sense of purpose and long-term goals among researchers who work on mathematical approaches in the scientific study of consciousness.

Each discussion session will focus on a specific question, related to models of consciousness, the development of Mathematical Consciousness Science, characterization and classification of research projects, and similar topics. There will be a number of discussions linked to the Stanford conference in summer 2022, that focus on bringing greater clarity and transparency to the field of Mathematical Consciousness Science.


Participation in the conference requires registration. The conference is open to researchers of all disciplines who have an interest in mathematical approaches in the scientific study of consciousness.

Deadline for registration: Friday, 17th September 2021.


In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Organising and Supporting Institutions

FQXI logo OMCAN logo

University of Oxford Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit√§t M√ľnchen Center for the Explanation of Consciousness

Organisers and Advisory Board

Advisory Board:Organisers:
Paul Skokowski
(Center for the Explanation of Consciousness, CSLI, University of Stanford, USA)
Johannes Kleiner
(Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany)
Ian Durham
(Department of Physics, Saint Anselm College, USA)
Jonathan Mason
(Oxford Mathematics of Consciousness and Applications Network, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK)
Yakov Kremnitzer
(Oxford Mathematics of Consciousness and Applications Network, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK)
Wanja Wiese
(Institute for Philosophy II, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany)
Robert Prentner
(Center for the Future Mind,
Florida Atlantic University, USA)
Robin Lorenz
(Cambridge Quantum Computing, Oxford, UK)